February 28, 2020

Conference Schedule

9:30 a.m. – Grand Ballroom

Ponchatoula Choir & Welcome

9:45 a.m.

Panel 1A (Room A)– Gender Equality in the Workplace

Moderator: Lisa Moody 

  • A special presentation from Dual Enrollment Students

Panel 1B (Room B) – Keeping it Local

Moderator: Amber Narro

  • Rebekah Ray: Hammond, Hodding, Huey, and Hoo-ey:  Supernumerary Betty Werlein Carter reinvents the newspaper game
  • Alysia Anderson: Gender Equality and Politics in Historical Mardi Gras Celebrations

10:30 a.m. – Room A

Moderator: Carol Madere

  • Representation Matters? Articulating the Politics of Suffrage and African-American Women’s Experiences: The ratification of the 19th Amendment was a transformational moment for women, however the struggle for equality continued. In this panel speakers will take varied perspectives on the roots of African-American women’s representational politics which trace back to the suffrage movement; how those representations continue to affect African-American women’s voting experiences; and finally how all of this culminates in workplace politics.
    • Elizabeth Hornsby: From Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth to Michelle Obama and Megan Thee Stallion: Tracing the Roots of Ratchet and Respectability Politics
    • Shawndee Fluker: The Story of My Vote: Personal Narratives of the Voting Experience
    • Cabrina Gordon: Illuminating Intersectionality: The Impact of Gendered Racism Against African-American Women in the Workplace

11:30 a.m. –  lunch and networking

Lunch is on your own. For presenters, refreshments are available all day in Room C.

Noon Address – Room C

Tanya Nel, President-elect , Tangipahoa Professional Women

12:30 p.m. – Room A

Moderator: Angela Dunnington

  • Trail Blazers: 
    • Sam Cavell – Lady Hell Cats and the Dogs of War: How Women’s Service in WWI helped win the Battle for Suffrage
    • Natasha Whitton – The Roots of the Split: An Examination of the middle to upper class white women and the working class white and black women in the Women’s Suffrage Movement
    • Chance Harvey, Elizabeth Saxon: a Late 19th Century and early 20th Century Suffragist 
    • Sarah Schillage: 21st Century Women in Leadership

2 p.m.

Panel 3A (Room A): Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Women Moving up the Career Ladder

Moderator: Amber Narro

  • Stephanie Katz – Women in Film
  • Joe Burns – Women in the Music Business
  • Madison Lyons – Mommy Bloggers
  • Keturah Green: Code-Switching in the Corporate World

Panel 3B (Room B): Alternative Paths to Suffrage

Moderator: Elizabeth Sanders

  • Lisa Moody: Reform Movements
  • Carol Madere: Lips that Touch Liquor Shall Not Touch Ours: Temperance Unions and Their Effect On the Suffrage Movement
  • Claire Denelle Cowart: Intersections of Politics, Class and Religion in Ireland’s Women’s Suffrage Movement
  • Anne Babson: Look in the Mirror: The Enduring Power of the Speculum Textual Genre in the Rethinking of Women’s History

3:00 p.m. – Room A

Amber Narro, Bonnie Achee, Ashlynn Martell & Chandani Gurung

Women in Technology – Where are we today and what will next year’s conference address? 

3:30 – Room C

Equalitea presented by Southeastern’s Phi Kappa Phi

Anne Babson poetry reading

League of Women Voters 

Woman of Distinction Award honoring Alandria Lloyd